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Top Wines is a Hong Kong based wine merchant business that sells wines from all the major wine regions around the world to private customers.

What is Top Wines all about?

According to us over here at Top Wines HQ, a “top wine” is defined as being “a wine that is high in quality yet reasonable in price”.

Top Wines focuses on good quality wines that are sensibly priced. We do not sell fine wines, nor do we sell super cheap wines. We sell what can be found in between, which is where those special wines that you enjoy are. These, to us, are the true top wines.

We select what we believe are the best quality wines from within this middle range. Our selection is not overloaded because it has been curated for quality.

There is far too much wine in Hong Kong! With all of the promotions we get bombarded with, it is easy to get lost with what a good wine is anymore because of these “good deals”. How many times have we all bought a promotional mixed case of wine because of the attractive discount, only to realise most of the bottles are not enjoyable.

Top Wines plays no part in this marketing or upselling treachery; we are here to alleviate the confusion for you. We only sell wines that we have tried and approved and that we firmly believe are of good quality and value, so we do not need to trick you into buying them.

These First World problems that we encounter can be very tough. But just remember, Top Wines is here for you. You will always be in safe hands every time you buy from Top Wines.

Wine recommendations

What we at Top Wines HQ enjoy more than anything is recommending wines to our customers.

Whether it be a gift for your partner, wine pairing for a dinner, a selection for a private or corporate event, or even just a bottle to enjoy with that special buddy of yours, we have all the ideas for you.

Contact us now! We will drop whatever it is we are doing and will tend to your wine needs.

You will only get top service when you come to Top Wines.



What are those initials and numbers next to some of the wines?

The initials and numbers you may see on some of the wines are scores given by famous wine critics, most of whom rate the wines out of 100 (others rate out of 20).

RP - Robert Parker

JS - James Suckling

WE - Wine Enthusiast

WS - Wine Spectator